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Party Wall Notices

If you are planning works that fall under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, notice needs to be served on all parties concerned, e.g. leaseholders, freeholders.
Under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 there are certain timescales that you need to adhere to as both the Building and Adjoining Owner.

Obviously serving Notice yourself is the first way to save money but please be aware that if the Notices are incorrect in any way and a dispute arises they may be deemed invalid and new Notices will have to be served and the notice period will start again.
If you would like any further advice on Notices or would like Mr Party Wall to serve Notice on your behalf, please contact us.

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Section 1 Notice / Line of Junction Notice

If you are planning to build a new wall either as a Party Wall or a Party fence wall (astride a boundary) subject to your neighbour’s consent, or up to the line of junction and wholly on your own land, a Section 1 Notice must be served.

If a proposed wall needs foundations to a lower depth than your neighbours foundations, a Section 6 notice could also be required.

One month notice must be given before the works commence.

New Party Wall

Party Fence Wall

Section 3 Notice / Party Structure Notice

If you are planning to cut into a Party Wall to insert flashings or a damp proof course, cut away chimney breasts or projections, raise, rebuild repair, underpin, expose the Party Wall to the weather
or enclose upon a wall on or at the line of junction turning it into a Party Wall, in such cases a Section 3 Notice must be served.

Two months notice must be given for a section 3 Notice.



Section 6 Notice / Notice of Adjacent Excavation

If you are planning to excavate within 3m of neighbour’s foundations to a lower depth, or within 6m to a lower depth than a line struck at 45 degrees down from the underside of the neighbour’s foundations, then a section 6 notice must be served.

One month notice must be given  before work commences and in addition, plans and sections of the proposed works must be provided with the notice.